Thor Philipsen

Thor Philipsen is the founder of Human Systems. He comes from Denmark and teaches courses and workshops internationally for Stanley Rosenberg. He particularly masters “The Stanley Rosenberg Method” and his own method “Human Systems”.

In addition to being a guest lecturer at several universities around the world, he also gives online courses, seminars, and private sessions in Denmark.

Thor Philipsen showing hands-on techniques at IAK in Germany

TEAM Stanley Rosenberg & Thor Philipsen

Thor teaches with Stanley Rosenberg all over the world, this was their last course together in Berlin, 2019.
Stanley has decided to dedicate his time to write another book and spend more time with his family. Since then, Thor is continuing the teaching. Photos: Sri Sri University and unknown..

I have had the pleasure of having Stanley as my mentor for almost half my life.

Thor has dived into the ocean of further understanding of osteopathy and other effective healing modalities through Alain Gehin who is "one of" if not, the greatest senior "Grandmaster" of Osteopathy in the world today.


Over the past 20 years, Thor has studied, practiced, and taught in many environments with many world-class mentors.
Manual Therapies
Thor Philipsen practice a broad variety of Manual Therapies from Ayurveda, Psychomotricity Therapy, Stanley Rosenberg Method and Osteopathy
Inner Health
If you are looking for inner peace, vibrant health and stress-resiliency look no further. Human Systems provides a unique approach to understanding the human physiology and combines the most ancient techniques, routines and up-to-date scientific approaches to heal yourself and others.
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Talks and Workshops

Human Systems currently organize courses and workshops in Germany, the United States, Denmark, and India. Courses will be available in  Dubai and China soon. If you want to invite us as guest lecturers or want to organize a workshop go ahead and contact me.


All my courses are accessible through the Vimeo platform.

The Respiratory System


The Digestive System


The Nervous System


Accessing the healing power of the Vagus Nerve


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